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The Horneman Group has been supplying raw materials to the plastic and rubber industries for over 20 years. During this time it has built up an enviable reputation for top quality products, reliability, and prompt, efficient service.

The Group has a very high profile throughout Europe and trades extensively within the deep-sea markets of the world.

Steady expansion continues in Europe. The Group has also consolidated its international presence through the establishment of a new office in Brazil and the acquisition of Sogem Plastics Limited in Hong Kong.

Wide range of plastics

Low Density Polyethylene ABS
High Density Polyethylene PVC
Linear Low Density Polyethylene SAN
Polypropylene PET
Polystyrene PMMA
Polyacetal Nylon



Reliable supply – quality products
Close links have been established with many of the world’s major polymer producers. This, together with our expertise, assures customers of continuity of supply and consistently high quality products – at the most competitive prices.

Every consignment carries a guarantee of quality in the form of a Certificate of Conformity. This ensures that each order is fulfilled according to the customer’s exact requirements.

Fast competitive response
The Horneman Group carries large stocks of raw material, and our warehouses are strategically located to meet the needs of our customers. We are therefore able to deliver direct from stock, and have the flexibility to guarantee a rapid response.

Good service and personal attention
A long-established team with expert knowledge of the plastic and rubber industries leads the Horneman Group. Technical advice is always at hand and we are committed to giving excellent service at all times.

Whatever the size of the order, and whatever its destination, The Horneman Group can be relied upon to pay attention to detail. All our customers receive the friendly and efficient service which is the cornerstone of our success.

Synthetic Rubber
The Horneman Group acts as a distributor for synthetic rubber from the USSR.

Conveniently packaged
Materials can be delivered packed to suit customers’needs.




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